Canada: The Methods & The Differences

Below is the continuation of our family plan to go to Canada. Here I explained each stage of planning using the different ASDAL methods. First, for the Analysis, I chose the brainstorming method wherein our family focuses on understanding the processes needed to follow when traveling to Canada. Second, I used systems analysis in the strategy part because, as a family, we want to analyze and understand the place we are going to. Also, researching and sharing our thoughts and ideas as a family is essential in this part. For the third part, programme planning and budgeting were used here, and we would be already creating lists needed for the trip — the following, which I chose flowcharting because it serves as an organization and guide to the plan. Lastly, to analyze what we learned from the trip, we would use a survey wherein creating a blog and SWOT analysis together would be the goal.


In the second part, I shared my work with Hannah Rouie C. Tamayo, wherein we compared our works by sending them to each other, and we saw some similarities, however, more of some differences. We understood more of the different ASDAL methods and how we both applied them to our family trip. Below are the screenshots of our conversation:

Here is our comment towards our works — the comparison of the differences and similarities we have.


We had some differences with the Strategy, Decision, and Learning elements. For Hannah, she used scenario, goal achievement technique, and case study. I realized we had some similar elements in some specific things, but we also differed because she added different elements such as the first aid kid, documenting, and traveling. Some similarities are: using the brainstorming method, making a mindmap, checklist and itinerary.

For me, we differed in some methods and elements used because we were planning two different trips. However, it is similar because it is a family vacation. We both had one goal: to create a family vacation within the given time frame and situation of the pandemic. But we differed in some responses because we also had different approaches to planning it, and we found a method that works better with our plan.

With both of us, I think we were able to answer the elements and methods correctly. It is because, under the methods we used, we also added the elements needed to plan our trip. Overall, I would say we were able to use the ASDAL methods well with our family plan — Japan & Canada — and the application was explained enough, even with just a simple graphic.



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